If shoes are as dear on your heart among your family then perhaps you should think of having a set of footwear made to order to suit your needs. Someone said in the paper earlier this year that Prince Charles visited a company that hand made leather shoes and whilst there mentioned that this footwear for women he was wearing were 4 decades old.

A couple of made by hand leather shoes would cost the prince today a couple of thousand pounds, a lot of money you’re thinking, and you’d be right but if you consider that they are going to last over Forty years, and that’s exactly what the prince said, that brings the value right down to the same 80 pounds 12 months. Just how much did your last pair cost and exactly how long did they last?

That’s not me saying that you’ll want to pay very much for any pair of shoes however if you simply take all things under consideration a built to measure set of footwear is just not this type of bad idea.

I wonder if both your feet are a similar size, I doubt it; I’m wondering if they are both identical healthy, I doubt it. I’m wondering if you covered a made to measure footwear for women can you must break them in and suffer from blisters, I doubt it.

I can’t want to go to a custom shoe maker with a Royal Warrant or perhaps a prince or an oil sheik to cover a set of customized pair of shoes, there are lots of smaller shoe makers all over the country and yes they are going to be more pricey than a pair of shoes will surely cost on the high street nevertheless for those of you whose feet aren’t identical or that suffer for weeks when breaking in a fresh footwear It is suggested that the customized footwear could be the answer.

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